Andrew Langford, M.Sc. DMS. Dip Perm Des. is a permaculture veteran who has been working at all manner of regenerative activities since the late 1970’s. That included 10 years making shoes on a workshop scale in Totnes, England as a counter response to the mass manufacturing flight out of Europe after OPEC flexed their oil-supply muscles at the beginning of the decade. Whilst shoemaking he and family ran a small-holding that kept the family fit and fed, even when cash was scarce. That experience clearly demonstrated to Andrew that a peasantry with access to even a small piece of productive land has far more resilience and freedom of choice than the average industrial worker. Thus, when permaculture was formulated and disseminated, Andrew was ready to roll and took on the task of developing the Permaculture Association of Britain to ensure that enough teaching and doing capacity would emerge, sufficient to transform the land-use patterns of Britain. That project continues to this day. 

Andrew introduced action learning to the permaculture movement in the 1990’s and his Diploma system became the standard for several European permaculture networks and has even recently been adopted by the North Americans. With Liora Adler Andrew has further developed this leading edge, self-directed, skill-building, theory-meets-practice form of education into Gaia University, now in its 14th year 

Andrew’s current portfolio includes developing an accreditation system for Ecoversities, scouting and designing broad acre ecosystem restoration opportunities in the Capay Valley in California, USA, teaching and coaching ecosocial designers online, gathering together and training up a remote, international community of Patrix busters, researching drought-hardy almonds and otherwise keeping busy in ways that might possibly slow down the climate crisis.