In 2022, some camps are organising camp experiences for you to participate in. We are hopeful that they will be able to go ahead. Camps will follow the local conditions closely, and may have to cancel activities if the local COVID-19 situation forces them to do so. If you have already signed up for a camp-activity you will be informed when this happens. We will update the website also, when such decisions are taken. Please check your own local authority travel advisory to see if you can travel to or return from the camp after the activity. At all times, when at camps, please observe it’s COVID-19 policy (such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc). 

Why we need your support

All around the world, people at Ecosystem Restoration Camps are devoting their time to restoring a degrading planet.

There are millions of likes given to this work but the planet is not doing well. 


It’s possible to repair it, and it’s possible to live and prosper on this planet within restored ecosystems and regenerative agriculture.


It’s okay to like their work. But also share that work with your friends and followers.

Most importantly, their work urgently needs your donation.

We are witnessing an environmental crisis

Over the past Northern Hemisphere Summer, wildfires raged across Europe.  Many countries on the continent recorded their hottest days yet, with temperatures in excess of 40 degrees. Droughts were declared across the region and, as the heatwave broke, flash flooding followed.

It is possible to restore life-supporting ecosystems on a planetary scale

Regenerating land draws carbon down and cools the surface temperature of the earth. This helps to combat climate change by making our earth more resilient to the extreme weather conditions we’re facing right now.

There are now more than 50 camps on six continents mobilising people at grassroots level to take action to create a more abundant earth.

Be part of the solution!

As a supporter of Ecosystem Restoration Camps you strengthen projects all over the world, and help get new projects off the ground to increase our impact. You can support with a one-time donation or through recurring donations (with the option to cancel at any time).Be part of the solution by becoming a supporter in 3 simple steps, using the donation form on this page.
Choose the amount and select if you wish to donate that on a one-time, monthly or yearly basis.
Fill in your name and address.

Choose your preferred method of payment: Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or from your bank account (bank accounts can only be used in the Single European Payment Area). 

What your support achieves

Your support enables direct actions such as:

    • Supporting the development of new Ecosystem Restoration Camps.
    • Buying tools and equipment to plant, to create water catching structures, and to conduct monitoring and evaluation.
    • Buying seeds, seedlings and soil enrichers for existing camps to restore their ecosystems.
    • Creating a platform for camps and local communities to communicate and learn from one another.
    • Strengthening our organisational capacity so that we can support the camps, help them raise more funds, gain access to expertise and volunteers, and communicate to the world about their work.

US citizens, visit our US page to
make a tax deductible donation.

EU citizens, learn more about tax deductible donations here.

Already a supporter?

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As a THANK YOU you receive:

Updates from the camps each month showing the impact of your contribution, delivered straight to your inbox

video call

Monthly one hour Q&A sessions with the camp coordinators at our Fireside Chat events, hosted by our founder John D. Liu

Monthly email notifications of upcoming camp experiences you can join, and other events you can participate in


The fulfilment of knowing you are actively supporting the restoration of 3.1 million hectares of degraded lands

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