In 2022, some camps are organising camp experiences for you to participate in. We are hopeful that they will be able to go ahead. Camps will follow the local conditions closely, and may have to cancel activities if the local COVID-19 situation forces them to do so. If you have already signed up for a camp-activity you will be informed when this happens. We will update the website also, when such decisions are taken. Please check your own local authority travel advisory to see if you can travel to or return from the camp after the activity. At all times, when at camps, please observe it’s COVID-19 policy (such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc). 

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Restoration activities are hands-on experiences offered at Ecosystem Restoration Camps around the world, where like-minded people gather to learn restoration techniques, develop a deeper connection with the earth and actively take part in restoring the land.

Joining a camp activity is a great way to give back to the planet and make a positive impact in your local region or while travelling abroad. 

Learn to restore ecosystems at an organised camp activity

We offer organised ecosystem restoration activities with courses specifically designed for each of our camps and cover all the techniques that are implemented there. You will get the chance to learn and practice your new skills. For example, you can learn how to produce indigenous organisms for soil building at our camp in Mexico, agroforestry practices unique to the altiplano region of Spain or techniques to regreen the desert in Egypt. 

Find details of upcoming on-site camp activities in the events section!

Contribute to a camp team as a volunteer

In addition to the organised camp activities, many camps also offer weekend stays, and a range of short to long-term volunteering programmes. Facilities, cost, minimum stay length and restoration activities vary from one camp to another so enquire via the individual camp page application forms. Find a camp near you on the map below and go to the camp page where you will find all current opportunities. Fill out an application form and get involved!

Some of our camps offer internship opportunities. You can find them under the ‘Needs’ section of individual camp pages. You can also contact them and offer your unique skill set with ideas on how it can benefit the camp. Camps often welcome Master and PhD program students who want to collect data for a camp as part of their research. Other internship opportunities may include camp building, communications, restoration or testing a business idea. There are often other ways to get involved in the camps. 

Explore our camps around the world

Established Camp

A project that has substantial experience and capacity with restoring land, hosting campers and sharing their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the movement.

  Seedling Camp

A project that is in its startup phase, with some staff capacity, infrastructure, expertise and land, but one that still needs support to fulfil its vision and goals. As a seedling, all parties involved are jointly building this project together and developing the restoration work underway. 

  Seed Camp

A project that is still in the ideas phase.


Ecosystem Restoration Design Course

Ecosystem Restoration Design Course

The new cycle of our popular Ecosystem Restoration Design course is here - and it's better than ever before!

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13 July 2022
Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration Course

Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration Course

An Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration has been designed to give you a strong foundational knowledge of the science and practice of Ecology, Ecological Restoration, and Ecosystem Restoration. This course is offered in partnership with the Soil Food Web School.

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01 September 2022
Camp Via Organica, Mexico

Camp Via Organica, Mexico

Discover the land of Agave, Mesquites and Ocotillos - and learn different organic and regenerative farming techniques, including bio intensive gardening, compost making, seed-saving, and tree-planting.

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05 September 2022
Camp Altiplano, Spain

Camp Altiplano, Spain

Join us for a life-changing, one week, off-grid Ecosystem Restoration & Regenerative Culture Course about soil, water, biodiversity, learning through practice, and exploring the cultural dimension of sustainability!

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09 September 2022
What you must do to ensure your own safety at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp

Your safety is very important to us. Most camps are in locations that are completely safe for you to travel to. Some camps are in locations where there is civil unrest, higher levels of crime, or in areas where there could be severe nature events (earthquakes, tornados, vulcanic eruptions). We strongly advise you to check with your national authority’s travel advisory service to see if there are specific travel advisories for the region you are travelling to. We strongly advise you to comply with that travel advisory. If there is a negative travel advisory for the area you plan to go to, we want to impress on you that it is your decision to not heed the warnings and go. ERC can then not be liable in that situation if something happens to you.

Work at camps is usually safe. The camp coordinators make your safety their highest priority too. But you will be working with tools and sometimes even (heavy) machinery. Sometimes the terrain can be slightly treacherous. Heat or cold can become a problem for people at work that do not take the necessary measures to prevent injury from weather conditions. Especially in remote locations, all people at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp will need to watch out for eachother’s safety. For this reason we ask you to also sign our Code of Conduct, through which you commit to contributing to a safe environment at camps for all that are there with you. Take yours and all other camper’s safety seriously! Together, while watching over eachother, we can restore our ecosystems safely and successfully.

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