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Camp Altiplano Fall Update

The weather may be turning cold and wet and the days getting shorter but Camp Altiplano is still a hive of activity. Here are a few highlights from the last couple of months and news about our plans for the winter.

Release of Camp Altiplano Annual Report 2017-18 and Restoration Plan 2018-21

During our first year at Camp Altiplano we’ve spent a lot of time observing and coming to understand the unique set of environmental, economic and social conditions that exist here. Doing so has helped us form a vision of what we think ecosystem restoration will look like here. We’ve set that out in our Restoration Plan for 2018-2021 which was released in November. You can read it here. It describes our approach to restoration and will serve as a framework that can be adapted over time as we learn more.

We also released our first ever Annual Report in November. This report tells the story of all that has been achieved since the first camper arrived in April 2017 and the foundations that have been laid for the continued success of the project.


Ecosystem Restoration at Camp Altiplano

Planting season is here and restoration activities for Winter 2018/19 are well underway. We’ve been planting along the swales to attract wildlife, fix nitrogen and improve soil quality. Holes have been dug for planting up the first phase of our planned agroforestry system. We’re planting bushes and trees around the ponds to prevent evaporation by protecting them from the wind and hot summer sunshine. And we’re preparing compost tea to help restore the functionality of the food web in our soil.


Patagonia Funded Restoration Projects in Andalusia and Murcia

Our restoration activities also extend beyond our five hectares at Camp Altiplano. Thanks to funding from Patagonia we’re working with AlVelAl to carry out mini restoration projects at four farms this winter. From the 2nd – 15th December we’re working at two farms in Andalusia. And we’re putting together a team of restorers to work on the other farms in late January and early February next year.

It’s not too late to sign up if you’d like to take part. Find out more on our website here or email


Building Camp Altiplano

With the planting season coming into full swing and the weather taking a turn for the wetter and colder, construction at the camp is slowing down for the winter. The straw bale walls of the roundhouse have been completed and had their first layer of cob applied. It will now be covered to protect it during the winter. Progress on the kitchen cabin continues and we hope to have the outer layer of canvas on the building before the end of December. Camp will start to look very different in 2019!


Our amazing campers!

As ever we have been lucky to have some brilliant people helping out with all aspects of the work at Camp Altiplano, here is just a taste of what they’ve been up to:

Levien (from the Netherlands) spent a week with us and installed a weather station which sends live data from camp that you can view online.

Michael and Joline (from Switzerland and the Netherlands) have been busy planting hundreds of shrubs and trees along the swales and ponds.

Ed and Alex (both carpenters from England) worked on the kitchen cabin with Ides

Thank you to everyone who has been part of turning the vision for Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano a reality, we really can’t do this without you!

Look out for updates on all our work on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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