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Camp Altiplano Spring Update

With a second winter now behind us, Camp Altiplano is approaching its second birthday this Spring and there is a lot of exciting change and growth on its way for the project.

Restoration planting completed with funding from DEME Group

The winter 2018-19 planting season has finished at Camp Altiplano and we are very pleased to have completed the first phase of the camp´s Restoration Plan 2018-2021 with funding from DEME Group.

DEME’s vision is to work towards a sustainable future by offering solutions for global, worldwide challenges: rising sea levels, climate change, the transition towards renewable energy, polluted rivers and soils, growing population and the scarcity of natural resources. From all the team at Camp Altiplano we’d like to say a big thank you to DEME for making our restoration work possible this year.

We planted up the first phase of the agroforestry system, a key feature of our Restoration Plan featuring  almond trees, cover crop and intercropping with aromatics. We also planted a variety of fruit trees to create an orchard around our grey water system and a mixture of fruit and nut trees near the kitchen garden. The latter will form one layer of the forest garden to be developed by future campers.

A full restoration report will be available later this year with full details. We will also be sharing more pictures in the coming weeks on the Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano Facebook page.


As the planting season has come to an end we are turning our focus to construction. Generous funding from the Mustard Seed Foundation means we can to complete many of our long-awaited building projects this Spring.

The kitchen cabin (funded by donations from our 100 Founding Friends campaign) has now been plastered. Ides, our Construction Coordinator, has made some beautiful bespoke pieces of furniture including tables, chairs and a sink unit. The cabin will provide a cosy shelter from the extremes of the weather here on the Altiplano. Over the years to come it will no doubt host many delicious meals for campers passing through from all over the world to exchange ideas and restore the earth together.

We are also very excited to have started work on the foundations of the bunkhouse which will create space for 8-12 additional people to sleep at the camp. With this extra accommodation we will be able to host more campers during the planting seasons and begin to hold courses and workshops during the summer months. The work will be completed in April when help will arrive in the form of a group of travelling carpenters, builders and craftsmen from the Netherlands, yet another collaboration made possible due to the incredible network of Ecosystem Restoration Camps members.

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