In 2022, some camps are organising camp experiences for you to participate in. We are hopeful that they will be able to go ahead. Camps will follow the local conditions closely, and may have to cancel activities if the local COVID-19 situation forces them to do so. If you have already signed up for a camp-activity you will be informed when this happens. We will update the website also, when such decisions are taken. Please check your own local authority travel advisory to see if you can travel to or return from the camp after the activity. At all times, when at camps, please observe it’s COVID-19 policy (such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc). 

Hollywood, California, USA

Camp BirdHouse is Regenerating the land under the Hollywood Sign, by growing gardens on public and private lots, sharing the bounty, and creating a culture of care.  

In this urban setting they act as a hub of exchange for ideas and various ways of cooperating with nature to restore the biodiversity of soil biology, plants, insects and animals; to restore the lost topsoil and organic matter; and to increase biomass in the animals and trees everywhere. 

Who is needed

All are welcome to come participate in these activities. They are looking for leaders (not necessarily experts), in soil restoration, plant propagation, grey-water installation, composting, media and storytelling. 

Other opportunities for campers at Camp Birdhouse

Online Community Apothecary.

Vision and Socio Economic Context

The camp acknowledges that they are guests on Gabrielino-Tongva land. The Gabrielino-Tongva have been tending this land for thousands of years. The camp joins them in bringing this land back to its fertile and verdant systems. Together they are learning to become more indigenous to their place.

Camp Birdhouse aspires to make this a visible and iconic restoration project. Because Hollywood is an incubator for the images and ideas that shape our entire cultural way of thinking and acting.

Watch their presentation for more on Camp Birdhouse's vision

established camp

Established camp

Organising Partners
Restoration Activities

Water retention
Tree planting 
Soil restoration
Food planting
Community building 
Erosion prevention
Fire prevention

Cover cropping

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How to apply

Please complete the form below to express your interest in joining the team at Camp Birdhouse 

What you must do to ensure your own safety at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp

Your safety is very important to us. Most camps are in locations that are completely safe for you to travel to. Some camps are in locations where there is civil unrest, higher levels of crime, or in areas where there could be severe nature events (earthquakes, tornados, vulcanic eruptions). We strongly advise you to check with your national authority’s travel advisory service to see if there are specific travel advisories for the region you are travelling to. We strongly advise you to comply with that travel advisory. If there is a negative travel advisory for the area you plan to go to, we want to impress on you that it is your decision to not heed the warnings and go. ERC can then not be liable in that situation if something happens to you.

Work at camps is usually safe. The camp coordinators make your safety their highest priority too. But you will be working with tools and sometimes even (heavy) machinery. Sometimes the terrain can be slightly treacherous. Heat or cold can become a problem for people at work that do not take the necessary measures to prevent injury from weather conditions. Especially in remote locations, all people at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp will need to watch out for eachother’s safety. For this reason we ask you to also sign our Code of Conduct, through which you commit to contributing to a safe environment at camps for all that are there with you. Take yours and all other camper’s safety seriously! Together, while watching over eachother, we can restore our ecosystems safely and successfully.

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