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Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia

It is called the Heart Of The World because the health of the Sierra and its complex ecosystems balance the health of the entire world.

It is a natural pyramid of snow, a special mountain by the sea, over 5.600 meters high and millions of years old, the largest coastal mountain in the world. The Sierra has all the thermal floors represented, from tropical heat to perpetual snow.

A reserve of the biosphere and World Heritage Site. It is a network of ecosystems that balance the natural ecosystem of the world. The home of countless forms of life. It is a sacred site that protects four indigenous communities that are responsible to preserve the spiritual balance of Mother Earth. 

Their sacred task is to teach the divine laws to maintain harmony with nature. They are the guardians of the earth, our older siblings, the ones preserving the ancestral knowledge that is invaluable for humanity.

According to the ancient belief, the territorial order is defined by what is called the Black Line, a ring of interconnected sacred sites. The Black Line surrounds the entire territory of the Sierra, weaving, connecting, wrapping and securing the standards for human life on earth and maintaining the balance and harmony with the earth. From the base where the rivers meet the sea, the savannahs, valleys, hills, ridges of mountains, gorges, springs, ponds, up into the snowy peaks and the Gonawindúa mountain, to each one and the infinite universe. It is through these connections that the life of the Sierra and the world remains. Each sacred site has an environmental function, containing the rules for human life on earth and maintaining balance and harmony with nature.

“Along this stretch of coastline, you have a microcosm for what’s is happening in the Caribbean and also on the rest of the planet, their view that all these sites are connected and the activities of destruction here are having an impact at large scale in the world are right”.  Alex Rogers, World leader in marine biology. 

In this camp we are primarily working in the restoration of 10-20 hectares to restore the soil, forest cover and energy cleanse, this site was affected for the armed conflict and the use of this land for cocaine monocultures in the past. 

We work to create traditional Food Forests that with regenerative agriculture to provide food security and sovereignty, helping to eliminate hunger and risk of poverty creating and environmentally friendly and really sustainable global food system with indigenous communities and farmers at the same time that we create pathways for natural and cultural preservation using ancient wisdom, food, circular economies, art, science, design and communications with permaculture principles: Earth care, People care, Fair share.  

Achievements to date

  • 2 tree nurseries
  • 120 Tones emission regenerated
  • 4200 trees planted
  • 8 cultural & media projects
  • Around 100,000 people reached
  • 2 years growing

What to expect at Camp Jaguar Siembra

This is a special place in the Arhuaco reserve of the Don Diego River, high mountains, a 8 hour trek to access the camp, incredible rivers, and the magic of the jungle in the Sierra make this place a miracle, here the Arhuaco communities receive us the Younger brother to teach us about the laws of nature and how they had lived in harmony with the ecosystem for more than 4000 years. They preserved the ancestral knowledge and nurtured the land with spiritual payments, this knowledge is key in our own restoration and preservation of the balance for the world ecosystem.

We work and learn from them, we share, we laugh, we breathe, we see, we wave and in the night we hear stories in the fire, sharing our food for the body and thought to keep growing together for a better future.  

Vision and Socio-economic context

We are a community that works to preserve nature, empowering farmers and eaters to create a better future through better farming creating long-term solutions to some of the biggest issues of our time, including the climate crisis, factory farming, and fractured rural economies.

We co-create with first nation indigenous people planting traditional agroforestry areas. We strive to preserve nature, mitigate climate change, preserve the water, supplies, and food at the same time that we support the new creation of natural biodiversity reserves in a special place called The Heart Of The World, in The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

The Arhuaco indigenous community of Bunkwimake is a descendant of the pre-Columbian Tayrona culture, located on the banks of the Don Diego River, near the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Its economy is based on agriculture, especially cocoa production. The artisanal processes of cultivation and production of this product with traditional agriculture wisdom following the rhythms of the stars, the moon and every part of nature harmony, give it quality and have led it to be recognized internationally as the best chocolate in the world in 2015 (London, International Chocolate Awards).

Seedling camp

Camp opportunities

Please note that – at this stage – this camp is for indigenous communities only.

Organising Partners
Restoration Activities

Water retention
Tree planting
Soil restoration
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Food planting
Community building
Erosion prevention
Natural building
Fire prevention

Latest News from the Camp

“Inside the human being, the forest of sensitivity has been cut down and the river of hope has dried up because of this it is necessary to reforest the heart!”

Kogui proverb

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