In 2022, some camps are organising camp experiences for you to participate in. We are hopeful that they will be able to go ahead. Camps will follow the local conditions closely, and may have to cancel activities if the local COVID-19 situation forces them to do so. If you have already signed up for a camp-activity you will be informed when this happens. We will update the website also, when such decisions are taken. Please check your own local authority travel advisory to see if you can travel to or return from the camp after the activity. At all times, when at camps, please observe it’s COVID-19 policy (such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc). 

Ajat, Dordogne, France

About Camp Virsoleil

Camp Virsoleil is an education, ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture training center, located on the site of a 300+-year-old farm in the Dordogne region of South Western France. 

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Camp Virsoleil’s Spring Camp took place in April in La Dordogne, France, and our super supporter Tina Teucher was there to document the “Body, Heart and Soil” experience!
Watch the video from Camp Virsoleil's Spring Camp - April 2022

Ongoing Camper Opportunities

Work, Stay, Play

Support the development of the camp by taking part in the creation of this education center and the activities needed to restore this 300-year old Polyculture farm. Activities include building swales, planting food gardens, working on barn conversion, installing biogas toilets and bio-digesters. Accommodation in the farmhouse and lunch included.

Regenerative Holidays

Combine a vacation in one of the most beautiful areas in France with an opportunity to help restore the Earth and take home new tools for living in balance with Nature. Swim in our natural swimming pool, take trips to local markets, visit local medieval cities, and the La Verzere and Dordogne River valleys. Open for applications in the spring.

Body, Heart & Soil Retreats 

The focus of this experience is personal restoration of the mind, body and the ecosystems surrounding you. Enjoy restful sleep, massage, yoga, nutritious food and ecosystem restoration activities. Enjoy contemplative walks in the rural French countryside, delicious healthy food and wine from local farms, and site-seeing cultural trips to any number of medieval cities and castles. Applications open soon.

Our costs are adjusted to the type of housing and meals provided to campers. All our campers share a desire to “make a difference” and we offer our campers a variety of ways to experience regenerative living. 

What to expect at camp

At this stage in our development of the main Camp Virsoleil, we have limited indoor housing onsite with housing available nearby. We have “holiday” style accommodation within 1km from the main camp providing accommodation with meals and local experiences from our al a carte menu. These are rustic farmhouses with all mod-cons. 

The restoration activities will involve creating an ecosystem restoration design for the site, soil building, planting of food producing and native plants, creating pollinator habitat, and creating regenerative business cases.

Who is Needed?

Campers who have or want hands on experience with composting, water catchment/storage, soil building, planting food crops, including trees and berries, stone masonry, carpentry, solar energy systems, Bee habitats, and more. We want to restore this land whilst supporting the restoration of the human spirit at the same time.

What do we need and what does it cost?

Truffle inoculated hazelnut trees – 500 euros
Compost toilets – 500 euros
Outdoor shower – 200 euros
Tools – 300 euros

Vision and Socio-economic-ecological context

We envision a thriving example of a regenerative polyculture farm offering educational programs and Restorative Retreats with a focus on regenerative lifestyle and local culture. 

The camp is situated in the Perigord area of the Dordogne region, famous for black walnuts and UNESCO world heritage sites. Expect beautiful medieval villages and lush rivers and valleys. This is an area with a growing awareness of regenerative landscapes and lifestyles

Camp Virsoleil Contact form

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 Seedling Camp

Organising Partners

Camping (bring your own tent)
In-house accommodation on site & nearby
Sanitation (advanced)
Kitchen (vegetarian)
Cell phone service
Swimming facilities

Restoration Activities

Water retention
Tree planting
Compost making
Soil building
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Erosion control
Habitat creation
Community building
Food growing
Restoration holidays

Latest News from the Camp
What you must do to ensure your own safety at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp

Your safety is very important to us. Most camps are in locations that are completely safe for you to travel to. Some camps are in locations where there is civil unrest, higher levels of crime, or in areas where there could be severe nature events (earthquakes, tornados, vulcanic eruptions). We strongly advise you to check with your national authority’s travel advisory service to see if there are specific travel advisories for the region you are travelling to. We strongly advise you to comply with that travel advisory. If there is a negative travel advisory for the area you plan to go to, we want to impress on you that it is your decision to not heed the warnings and go. ERC can then not be liable in that situation if something happens to you.

Work at camps is usually safe. The camp coordinators make your safety their highest priority too. But you will be working with tools and sometimes even (heavy) machinery. Sometimes the terrain can be slightly treacherous. Heat or cold can become a problem for people at work that do not take the necessary measures to prevent injury from weather conditions. Especially in remote locations, all people at an Ecosystem Restoration Camp will need to watch out for eachother’s safety. For this reason we ask you to also sign our Code of Conduct, through which you commit to contributing to a safe environment at camps for all that are there with you. Take yours and all other camper’s safety seriously! Together, while watching over eachother, we can restore our ecosystems safely and successfully.

Contact us:

Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Foundation /
Ecosystem Restoration Camps 2020

Joppelaan 77
7215 AD Joppe
The Netherlands

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