Restoration Education

Learning resources for camping technology, community building, ecosystem restoration design and techniques.

Permaculture Design Course by Daniel Halsey

Permaculture Design Course by Daniel Halsey From 5th until 16th November Daniel Halsey will give an advanced permaculture and ecosystem design course in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Daniel is a renowned designer of ecological landscapes and a gifted teacher. He has been involved with Ecosystem Restoration Camps since the very beginning. He co-designed the restoration plan …

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#LetsRestore: Funding Report

Ecosystem Restoration Camp’s first ever crowdfunding campaign, #LetsRestore, galvanised momentum across the world to crowdsource funding for ecosystem restoration. Our aim was to raise 55,000 euros to undertake the initial processes needed to restore the land and continue to build the camp in our first location, the Murcia region of Spain. We successfully raised over …

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ERC Publishes 2017 Annual Report

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]On behalf of the Supervisory Board, we welcome you to read ERC’s first annual report on our activities. A year ago, the foundation was born and thanks to the involvement of so many great minds and their energy, we are, a year later, proud to share the achievements made so far and the ones …

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Camp Altiplano Volunteer Experience

A week has passed since my adventure in La Muela, an impressive mountain in the south of Spain, near Veléz-Blanco. For three weeks I participated in a reforestation project that was co-organized by Ecosystem Restoration Camps (ERC) and Alvelal while being financed by the search engine Ecosia. During this time I dug many holes (500 …

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Experiencing a Healthy Ecosystem in the Spanish Altiplano

I have been in the remote area of the Murcian Altiplano for two months. It has been a life changing experience, living in an area so degraded. Every day the sheep walk past our bedroom window, followed closely by a huge cloud of dust that used to be fertile soil. You notice the dryness everywhere. …

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