Eco-Restoration Experience at Camp Altiplano

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Ecosystem Restoration Experience at Camp Altiplano

Camp Altiplano is excited to be hosting its first ever Ecosystem Restoration Experience – check back here for the official schedule.

Join us for a unique opportunity to explore a remote part of the Murcia Altiplano and discover the work we’re doing to revitalise part of the degraded landscape. The camp is set in a beautiful location under vast open skies and surrounded by mountains. It’s the perfect place to switch off, unwind and connect with nature as you’ve never done before.

During your stay you can take part in ecosystem restoration workshops and activities, all carefully tailored to give you an insight into the work we’re doing to restore healthy ecosystems in the area. There will also be plenty of time for you to enjoy the serene environment in and around the camp and by night you’ll sleep under the stars in our comfortable bell tents.

The price per person is €280 including all meals freshly prepared as far as possible with homegrown or locally sourced ingredients.

The Ecosystem Restoration Experience is not for profit. All money raised will go straight back into funding our restoration work.

Included in the package

  • Comfortable accommodation in a bell tent (all bedding provided, maximum two people per tent)
  • Vegetarian/vegan meals with our campers
  • Use of our handmade range of natural toothpastes, deodorants and sun creams. As we want to keep the camp free from harmful chemicals we ask you not to bring any non-biodegradable products to the site.
  • Opportunities to take part in restoration work each day alongside a long term camper, giving you a chance to get hands on and learn new skills ranging from organic food growing to sustainable construction methods.
  • Daily workshops on a variety of subjects such as making natural cosmetics, identifying plants and insects at the camp, an introduction to permaculture design and understanding soil health.
  • An evening excursion to the nearby village of Topares to enjoy some of the local cuisine with the Camp Altiplano team.
  • Optional guided walks to a local mountain or beauty spots
  • Horseback riding (availability dependent on presence of horse riding teachers)

Example outline of a day

0800 breakfast

0830 team meeting

0900 practical restoration activities

1300 lunch

1400 free time

1630 workshop

1730 free time

2030 dinner


Travel advice

Camp Altiplano is situated in a fairly remote area of the Murcia Altiplano in southern Spain between Granada and Murcia.

If you will not be travelling here by car then we can arrange to pick you up and drop you off from the nearest big town, Caravaca de la Cruz for an additional fee.

You can reach Caravaca de la Cruz by bus from Alicante and Murcia. Alternatively you can check for a ride to Caravaca de la Cruz on which is an affordable and popular platform for arranging lift shares in Spain.

If you would like to travel to Spain by train then The Man in Seat 61 and RailEurope are useful tools for planning your journey.

Please consider off-setting the carbon from your journey, especially if you need to take a flight to Spain. You can find various options for this online, or you could make a donation to the Ecosystem Restoration Camp Foundation to further support our work.


Send me more information about the Ecosystem Restoration Experience!

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