Cori Chong

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Cori Chong

Online Manager

Cori Chong is a digital nomad who has been traveling and working remotely for over 3 years.  She has committed her career to helping environmentally conscious organizations with their online presence. Her skillset includes digital strategy and communication, user research, web development, graphic design, photography, and videography.  Originally from Toronto, Canada, she has worked for design agencies in Montreal and New York City.  She graduated in the top of her class with a B.A. in Sociology and Communications from McGill University.

While living in Montreal, Cori worked for several non-profit organizations.  Most notably, she established the first Canadian chapter for a non-profit organization called Project Futures.  In collaboration with a team of dedicated volunteers, she helped network with local organizations, develop awareness campaigns, and organize large scale fundraising events with proceeds supporting the eradication of sex trafficking in South East Asia.

After first learning about permaculture on a solo trip through the Hawaiian Islands, Cori has applied her skills as a digital content creator (photography and videography) to an array of projects.  Her photography work includes shooting an award winning travel-inspired cookbook.  She has also worked on documentary films such as Island Earth, a Kickstarter backed film about how to feed the world through sustainable agriculture, directed by Emmy award-winning director and pro-surfer Cyrus Sutton.  Cori has taken a permaculture design course in northern Thailand (Panya Project) and has travelled extensively documenting permaculture farms around the world.  Recently, she accompanied soil scientist John D. Liu and cinematographer Pablo Pro to the first Ecosystem Restoration Camp in Spain, where they documented the region and interviewed climate change scientist Professor Millán Millán.

Cori has been programming since she was 12 years old and has taken web development courses with HackerYou (Toronto) and Le Wagon (Lisbon).  In the private sector, she has worked as a digital strategist for a promotional products company.  She has lead responsive web design, branding, and social media planning for clients such as Harvard Medical School.

Cori currently serves as Online Manager for Ecosystem Restoration Camps.  She hopes to weave her interdisciplinary skills to help create restoration camps worldwide.

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