Gytha van der Veer

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Gytha van der Veer

Communications Coordinator

As a sociologist and communication specialist, Gytha is inspired by the connecting force of nature. In her work she likes to use communication as a tool to connect people to each other and to the world around themselves. 

Since 2014 Gytha has been involved as a volunteer and board member in the local urban agriculture project Stadslandbouw Mooieweg in the city of Arnhem. Working on this project gives her much energy and satisfaction. On a plot of circa 1 hectares nearly 50 volunteers cultivate fresh vegetables, berries and herbs. More than 50% of the produce is donated to the local foodbank (food relief for low income families). Gytha manages the project’s communication and promotion and organised a successful crowdfunding campaign in 2017, which made the project well-known to the citizens of Arnhem.

In her professional life, Gytha has been working as a communication specialist for Dutch government organisations. She was involved in the communication of several ‘Room for the River’ projects. This hydraulic engineering programme meant a turning point in Dutch watermanagement: instead of raising the level of dikes to protect the land from potential flooding, Dutch main rivers were given more space to overflow and old floodplains were restored.  Communicating this shift in thinking and its sometimes far-reaching consequences was a challenging and rewarding experience. 

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