Host an Ecosystem Restoration Camps Event

Organise an Ecosystem Restoration Camps Event

Members frequently contact us because they want to organise an event or speak during a  meeting about the work of Ecosystem Restoration Camps. From past experiences we see that face to face contact and organising meetings are not only the most fun, but also work best to recruit new members. So pick a date and a venue, think of a programme, invite your audience and contact us if you need any support, like promotion materials or advice. We can also share and promote your ERC-event on our social media channels.

There have been several successful events organised by members in different countries already. Like our member Christopher Keene, who gave a workshop on Ecosystem Restoration Camps at the Eastern Permaculture Gathering in the UK beginning of September.

Or Rik Armando Ridder, who organised a meet-up with John D Liu in the Green Living Lab in Amsterdam on 1st July. Approximately 50 people visited the event. About this experience Rik says: “With the help and input I needed from the ERC organisation and volunteers, organising the meet-up went smoothly. The first step was to find the right venue, which wanted to donate their space. After I agreed on a date with the venue and my invitee speakers (Pieter van der Gaag and John D Liu in this case), most details were taken care of by themselves. By the end of the meetup, several people wanted to do this again. This led to plans for a regular monthly meetup. “

Invite John D Liu

Organizing a meet-up is fun, energizing, inspiring and quite easy. John D Liu might even be present at your meeting, if that fits his travelling scheme. In the months September, October and November John will be travelling to: San Francisco California, the Netherlands and Egypt. He might have possibilities to join events. Please contact Rik Armando Ridder, John’s personal assistant, at  Rik will be happy to discuss John’s availability with you. Also if your location is not in John’s radius in September, October or November, Rik can help you schedule events in the future or maybe have John join in on Skype or Zoom.


At the time this newsletter is released, we are working hard on finishing the Members Toolkit, which will contain everything you need when organising an event or canvassing new members. Think for example of a printable brochure about the work of ERC, a basic powerpoint presentation, video materials, a flyer about different ways to get involved with ERC and lots more. Anyone can use the Toolkit and it will be easy to download from our website. We plan to finish the Toolkit before the end of this month and will inform you about its release. In the meanwhile, if you need any any supporting materials or advice for organising your event, please contact us at

Membership Campaign

To grow our membership, we will also start a special Membership Campaign this year.

Growth of our membership is very important if we want to become an impactful global movement  and start new camps worldwide. You as a member can make this happen. If for example all existing members would get in one new member before the end of this year, then our membership would already double!  A group of members is currently working out plans for this campaign right now, based on ideas mentioned in the Membership Movement Session in July. In the coming weeks they will inform you about the plans and how you can join. So watch your mailbox and join our campaign!