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Stone house by the campsite

Landing in Spain

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I arrived with Pablo Pro, a very accomplished artist, and a huge pile of equipment at Alfonso Chico de Guzman’s farm on the first day of Spring.

It is exciting to see the potential for restoration that the area has and to meet the local population. The people have been very hospitable. The weather here in southern Spain where Andalusia and Murcia meet is variable. It is sometimes very hot and sometimes very cold and the sun is bright. The picture below is the area to the south of Alfonso’s house.

camp site before the camp


Alfonso is preparing a small stone house on the farm for about 8 of the first campers to live in. The discussion is that Craftsmen and Gardeners are now needed to move the camp forward to physical manifestation. The picture below is of the little stone house.

Stone house by the campsite

There is also a workshop area where we can put our shop equipment to build the camp facilities. The picture below is of the workshop. These facilities will be ready between April 5 and April 10 depending on how the weather behaves.Stone workshop

We visited and learned about the ancient population in the region where the camp is being prepared. 8,000 years ago the neolithic hunters and early agriculturalists painted scenes of their physical and spiritual lives in these caves.

ancient drawings

We also found 8 year old trees including 8 year old Stone Oak trees at a nursery that can be transplanted to the camp site to help with the shade situation. These trees are already about 4 meters tall. When the crowns spread they will provide wonderful shade in the camp.

oak tree nursery

The design for the 5 hectare campsite is already highly developed. Jose Ansoleaga Ayala, Daniel Halsey, Regina Cobo and others have been designing the grey water treatment system that needs to be installed before the tents.

I’ll write more extensively soon.

Let’s go camping.

John Liu[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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