Many of our 2020 camp experiences have been postponed due to the Covid-19 virus. We look forward to continue the gatherings when it is safe to do so. Please check our website or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest updates. We commend the efforts by so many of us to limit the spread of the virus and send deep thanks to the healthcare workers across the globe taking care of those most affected. We see our work of bringing balance back to ecosystems as more important than ever. Our team is busy building our organizational capacity during this time so that we can share the message of regenerative land management even further. We are grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you at camp in the future.


We restore ecosystems through camping experiences that teach people how to care for the land.

Ecosystem Restoration Camps USA (ERC USA) is a non-profit organization with a 501C3 tax exempt status in the United States.

All donations to ERC USA are tax deductible.

There are two ways to donate to Ecosystem Restoration Camps: You can become a member and make annual or monthly donations, or you can make a one-time donation.

Become a member

By becoming a member, you are helping to grow the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Movement, supporting existing projects and building new camps in the United States.

 Your monthly contribution enables direct actions such as:

  1. Funding the opening of new Ecosystem Restoration Camps
  2. Buying seeds, seedlings and soil enrichers for existing camps to restore their ecosystems
  3. Buying tools and equipment to plant and create water catching and holding earth structures
  4. Creating a platform for camps and local communities to communicate and learn from one another
  5. Strengthening our organizational capacity so that we can support our camps and add new ones
  6. Providing a hands-on restoration camp experience for thousands of people from all walks of life
You can become a member in 3 simple steps by using the form on this page. 
Step 1: Choose the amount and select if you wish to pay that on a monthly or yearly basis. 
Step 2: Fill in your name and address.
Step 3: Choose your preferred method of payment: Debit/Credit Card, Paypal or from your bank account (Bank accounts can only be used in the Single European Payment Area).

As a THANK YOU, you receive:

A video update from a different camp each month showing the impact of your contribution, delivered straight to your inbox

Monthly one hour Q&A sessions with the camp coordinators

15% discount on Restoration Camping Experiences and 25% discount on our online Ecosystem Restoration Design course

The fulfilment of knowing you are actively supporting the restoration of thousands of hectares of degraded lands

About us

Ecosystem Restoration Camps USA (ERC USA) was established in 2020 to support the implementation of site-based restoration, through both theoretical and applied education on ecosystem restoration design and practices.

ERC USA operates in direct collaboration with Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation (ERF) in the Netherlands. We support restoration activities that are part of the global ecosystem restoration camps movement. This includes connecting volunteers with camps and providing technical, educational and financial support to camps.

 Our activities fully align with the mission of ERC:

  1. To train people in techniques for restoring land and provide practical opportunities for people to practice new approaches to landscape restoration.
  2. To build research, training and innovation centers to engage people in ecosystem restoration.
  3. To manage a flow of volunteers of all ages to restore agricultural and natural ecosystems.
  4. To increase the organic matter, carbon content and water retention capacity of the soil to stimulate large scale carbon sequestration.
  5. To improve the livelihoods of farmers, landowners and local communities around the camps.

Our governance

ERC USA is governed by a Board of Directors who coordinate closely with the global ERC team to identify opportunities to support camps, expand ERC’s work in the United States, and grow the impact of restoration efforts globally. We maintain representation from the REF Supervisory Board as part of the REC USA Board of Directors to ensure continuous communication and transparency.

Our bylaws are available to view here.

Board of Directors
Erin Beasley – United States
Rhamis Kent – United Kingdom
Marieke Karssen – Netherlands
Francois De Keuleneer – Belgium

Erin Beasley serves as the President of Ecosystem Restoration Camps USA where she oversees all operational and financial activities of the organization. Since 2017, Erin has supported the growth and strategy of Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation in the Netherlands as a member of the Supervisory Board. Erin brings 15 years of non-profit and sustainable development experience to her role with ERC USA including proposal development, grants management and reporting, project design, international policy advocacy and participatory community development.

To learn more about the work of ERC USA, or to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact


Contact us:

Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Foundation /
Ecosystem Restoration Camps 2020

Wechelerweg 37
7431 PD Diepenveen
The Netherlands

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