In 2022, some camps are organising camp experiences for you to participate in. We are hopeful that they will be able to go ahead. Camps will follow the local conditions closely, and may have to cancel activities if the local COVID-19 situation forces them to do so. If you have already signed up for a camp-activity you will be informed when this happens. We will update the website also, when such decisions are taken. Please check your own local authority travel advisory to see if you can travel to or return from the camp after the activity. At all times, when at camps, please observe it’s COVID-19 policy (such as wearing masks, social distancing, washing hands, etc). 


Wishing everyone a lovely spring

I hope that this finds you, your families and your friends, all well and happy.

Yesterday I presented a Keynote to a high level conference in Paris called “Sequestering Carbon in Soil – Addressing the Climate Threat” including explaining about the creation of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps. Some people signed up on the spot and many promised to study and join. We will see whether this will lead to further assistance. It was very hopeful.

As I came through Paris on Friday night I found myself passing hundreds if not thousands of refugees camped under bridges in the outskirts of the city. At midnight near the Airport I saw large numbers of young men in the 20s and 30s milling around at the gas stations just beyond the city limits. On Sunday is the French election that has the potential to determine whether the European Union will survive. Egos, bullying, violence and corruption do not serve human civilization well. I believe that many institutions and many ways of behavior are threatened in the particular time we are living in. It is a time of both extreme risk and great opportunity.

In our modest effort to create Ecosystem Restoration Camps need to breathe deeply and find the integrity to treat each other and everyone with respect. We are in effect helping to build a replacement for the corrupt institutions that are dying.

We have stated our intention to join with like minded free people to work together to restore the Earth by building camps where we are invited where we can work and study how to restore the Earth Systems and how to be better human beings. This intention requires us to step back and breathe and realize that everyone has a role to play and that we are required to not demand but to gently collaborate. We have many volunteers, we have only a little funding. So far only a 237 people have paid their membership fees so we need to be frugal.

We have a small house that can accommodate 8 persons at Alfonso’s farm. We have our workshop building which we need to equip so that the first volunteers can begin to build the camp. It is time to plant the vegetables to feed the first year campers and Alfonso has a plan for this and a few of the volunteers are ready to help.

My opinion is that we should be allocating a small amount of funds each week for food for the first volunteers so that we very step by step growing the camp. Additional funds might become available for the camp build but only if we are mature, frugal, creative and harmonious.

While the old order is collapsing … the new order needs to prove that it can do a better job. We have an opportunity with the first camp and subsequent camps to find ways to work together without conflict, without selfishness, without preconceived or rigid views. Let’s try to let things evolve and do our best to encourage and overcome adversity. Each of us is defining ourselves and we should put our best efforts into this.

Sincerely and with great hope for the future,

John D. Liu

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